Kentucky Camp PITL, 2010            

The Annual PIT-Like-Event was held April 19 thru 23, 2010.
Participants were: Drum Haverstock, Marie Britton, James Britton, Pete van Cleve, John Weiss, Mark Doumas, Sandy Doumas, Kathy Makansi, Steve Waylett and Chris Schrager.
Projects included: Investigating the Assay Building Chemical Storage; Adding sacrificial mud to replace missing mud on two buildings; replacing rotted wood flooring in the Admin building's bathroom; continuation of baseboard and casing painting.

Mudding: Sandy Doumas, Kathy Makansi, and Marie Britton attack the East wall of the Assay Building while Stephen Waylett storms the South wall

Investigating the Assay Building's Chemical Storage room

Administration Building Bathroom floor renovation

Our personal chef, Dutch Doumas, fed us three great meals a day.

On Friday morning, it snowed